Our products

At Newcastle Pure Water we aim to provide the highest level of products and services to our customers.

  • The pure distilled water is available in a range of sizes (1L, 11L and 15L) to suit your specific needs.  To cater for our larger customers we now provide distilled Newcastle Pure Water in bulk 1000L containers.


  • Available to you to buy or rent we provide ceramic dispensers and dual-temperature water coolers as well as benchtop dispensers in a range of materials and colours to suit your surroundings.



  • We supply cups and cup holders for the workplace.


  • Racks are also available in a range of sizes to make the storage and organisation of your delivered bottles an easier task.  


  • Our water is tested every 12 hours to maintain the highest quality possible.


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Free delivery to your doorstep!

We are able to conveniently deliver your water order within 1 day of placement, free of charge to your doorstep. Delivery is available to Newcastle, the Central Coast and the Hunter Region.


At Newcastle Pure Water we understand the importance of environmentally friendly practise and take care to ensure our role is not a harmful one. We save every drop of water by only eliminating the toxins and solids in it without waste. We make sure that our products are environmentally friendly by treating and reusing bottles as well as recycling damaged products.

Distillation Process

Newcastle Pure Water uses both the phase 1 and phase 2 Kirby RM100 Vacuum Distillation Water Purifiers which have been manufactured in Australia. These machines have been tested by ANSTO, AGAL and the CSIRO.

Example of water coolers available to rent or buy.

1000L bulk containers